Innovative solution, which is now used in warehouse logistics more often.

Ergonomy in racking marking

As one of the few companies, we offer our customers labels with slanted bar codes. The label includes exactly the same data as the traditional horizontal bar code, but it has a huge predominance:

it allows for a precise scanning of bar codes placed close to each other on the shelf unit.

This solution excludes any risk of an error while scanning. At the same time it eliminates faulties in identifying storage places.

Rozwiązanie to całkowicie wyklucza ryzyko powstania błędu podczas skanowania danych i tym samym eliminuje możliwość powstania pomyłki identyfikacji miejsca składowania.

High probability of a faulty reading
Lack of a faulty reading

Generated by us bar code is easily adapted to an already existing
IT system and it does not require any updates.

Because of the high aesthetics, but primarily easier and faster orientation in the levels of storage room, all labels are printed in colour.

The use of colour in our markings has no effect on the price.

Besides the labels in standard version or Adesivo (high adhesion), we also offer self-adhesive labels in a form of composites: SticcoDuro or SticcoCarbo, which are highly resistant to any damage.

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