The new generation of SticcoBasic floor tapes has replaced the previous version - SticcoTape. The new composite is based on a more durable polymer blend. The tapes are also thinner, what makes them more difficult to damage. Anti-slip parameters have been increased as well. Similarly to the previous version, the product is coloured within the mass. A new glue, which allows for easier removal from the floor has been applied. The improved production technology allows for a significant reduction in costs which in result gives a lower price of the product while maintaining the highest quality. Recommended for use in areas with higher pedestrians traffic, hand trucks, heavy vehicles and in areas with medium traffic of forklifts.

Breaking-strength: 65 MPa
Temperature resistance: od - 20ºC do +75ºC
Thickness (without liner): 510 μm

Available colours:

  • More durable PVC composite
  • Better anti-skid properties
  • New adhesive provides easier removal, while keeping high level of adhesion to the surface
  • Lower price

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