STICCO Strong, STICCO Stronger

SticcoStrong and SticcoStronger floor tapes and signs are the strongest and the most durable industrial markings on the market. They are produced in the form of a flexible composite developed by our company and guarantee longterm operation time and high aesthetics.

This composite stands out by its extremely high hardiness (minimum tensile strength resistance is 210 MPa!) Extreme temperatures from -40ºC to 250ºC can work on its surface.

Many modern technological solutions have been used in the SticcoStrong and SticcoStronger composite (application to the Patent Office). The production process allowed to obtain a very low coefficient of static friction (SleekMol coating) what makes it difficult to damage by heavy vehicles when driving in and turning wheels (e.g. forklifts) and also enables easy removal of dirt. The technology was created for the needs of permanent and aesthetic marking of communication routes in production halls and warehouses.

Products have the Certificate of Health Quality

  • they do not emit harmful fumes during application
  • they do not secrete any hazardous substances in their usage
  • they do not require using any solvents for preparing the surface before application

  • The highest resistance
  • SleekMol coating hinders mechanical damage and allows for easy removal of markings
  • Our new adhesive provides easier removal, while keeping high level of adhesion to the surface
  • Lower price and more efficient production process

Breaking-strength: over 210 MPa
Temperature resistance: from - 40ºC to +250ºC

Available colours:

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