Sticco specialises in production of composites for industries. By using modern technology we make products, which are designed to meet certain working conditions. We constantly work on developent and we want to use innovative materials in many different industrial areas.


Our mission is to introduce safe marking solutions to all production facilities and warehouses, especially where food is produced and stored.


We are constantly investing in a knowledge and development. We seek Sticco products to become a synonym of quality, durability and safety.


Our aim is to construct the best composites, which will work out in the hardest working conditions and will fulfil the strictest norms.

Currently, main products in our offer are markings for production halls and warehouses, such as: floor markings like tapes and signs that are able to withsnad huge mechanical burden. It is an innovative idea, that had been reported to the Patent Office, obtained a Gold Medal Award of Poznań International Fair and is recommended by acknowledged experts. Also, this product obtained the Certificate of Health Quality given by the National Institute of Hygiene. It is proven that our product does not have any harmful substances in its composition and it can be used for floor marking in warehouses and production halls of food and cosmetics companies.

Sticco is also a manufacturer of specialised self-adhesive labels. We create their construction based on the guidelines given by the customer in a way that will let them to be resistant to particular factors.

Labels can be resistant to:

  • high and low temperatures
  • break off and damage
  • chemical substances
  • impact and abrasion
  • electrical punctures
  • etc.

Our products may have different adhesion properties, anti-reflective coating, surface facilitating cleaning for instance, depending on customer requirements.

We warmly invite to cooperation.

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